Death Switch - Live (Blank Club 01/23/2015) Death Switch - Live (Blank Club 01/23/2015) Death Switch - Live (Blank Club 01/23/2015) Death Switch - 2016 Line-up Death Switch - 2016 Line-up Death Switch - 2016 Line-up (Featured in Grave Wave Magazine #02) Jake E. Heredia - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Erik Hernandez - Lead Guitar Daniel Sanchez - Bass Guitar Death Switch - Current Line-up (2018)
Original Gravity (2018) - Left to Right: Jake, Daniel, and Erik
DEATH SWITCH started in the winter of 2012 in Fremont, California by guitarist and vocalist: Jake E. Heredia. The project was started shortly after the dissolution of his original thrash metal band ABADDON (2004 - 2011) and would focus on death metal influences (mainly early 90s Swedish Metal) with thrash metal elements. Early 2012 was spent writing new music for DEATH SWITCH, and by spring of 2013 a three-song demo was released and handed-out at local gigs around San Jose, California. Spring 2014 saw the release of DEATH SWITCH’S first official demo entitled REBORN IN DEATH, recorded at Downtown81 with Johnny Valdez and released by DEAD AGAIN PRODUCTIONS via digital and cassette.  Fall of 2014 was the first time DEATH SWITCH had its’ first original line-up consisting of original memebers ERIK HERNANDEZ (Lead Guitar) and DANIEL SANCHEZ (Bass Guitar) and ex-drummer GARLAND HATTEN. A couple of gigs were played around the bay area, and another demo was recorded (Reborn in Death II) before Hatten would leave to pursue other things outside of music.  Now in 2018, DEATH SWITCH is set to release their first full-length album: ASCEND THROUGH FLESH and get back out into the world to play more shows and write more music.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and we hope you enjoy the ride!